Yes God, Yes.

Yes God, Yes. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Directed by: Karen Maine. Cast Natalia DyerTimothy SimonsWolfgang Novogratz, Francesca Reale, Susan Blackwell, Alisha Boe.

Beyond the all-a-but-too-easy critique at the hypocrisy of strict Catholic schools in the 90s, there’s a warm and affecting coming-of-age tale here, which captures adolescent (female) sexual desire with both great honesty and sweetness. It may touch some of the same subject matters as films like “American Pie” but it’s really on a different planet altogether. Some people may find it all rather “objectionable”, but it’s actually a rather smart film and touching one too. The fact that it’s directed by a woman clearly shows and I mean that in the best possible way. Even the “masturbation” moments (yes, you heard me right) are done very tastefully, they’re never titillating, just like the women in the film are never objectified.
Straight from “Stranger Things” fame, Natalia Dyer’s perfectly pitched performance carries the whole film on her shoulder: she comfortably manages to be naive, ignorant, curious, confused and.. well, plainly horny and makes it all not just very believable and beautifully human and very sweet too. Yes, there are stereotypes left and right, some of the depictions might a bit on the nose and the short duration feels more like “ops run out of things to say” rather than “let’s keep it tight”, but I have to confess, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

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