Uncharted ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Director: Ruben Fleischer Cast:Tom HollandMark WahlbergAntonio Banderas 

I’ve been spotting some very scathing reviews around the internet about this one, but to be honest I don’t really understand all the hate. 

It might be because I’m still trying to recover that massive stinker that was “Moonfall” and I really needed some popcorn fun , or it might be because I’m beginning to grow a soft spot for little Tom Holland, or even because I’ve been craving for another Indiana Jones-like adventure for years, but I’ve actually quite enjoyed this one in a sort of unchallenging/turn-your-brain-off sort of way. 

Of course, it’s not going to set the world on fire, nor it’s a game-changer, but it was a perfectly serviceable silly action-packed romp with couple of stand-out set pieces and which confirms Holland credentials as a likeable lead even outside his spider-suit.

It’s also a film that never really takes itself too seriously, so why should we?  

Serving as a prequel to the video games by the same name (in fact, geeky-nerd that I am, I seem to remember the third game had some flashbacks too), it follows Nathan Drake, a bartender, history buff, and occasional pickpocket, as he is recruited by Mark Wahlberg’s character (Sully, also from the game) to search for the lost treasure across the world. 

The game itself was a rip-off other other Intellectual Properties like Tomb Raider and of course Indiana Jones, so it’s no surpise that the film too has constant echoes from those franchises: a sort of “Indy-light”.  In fact at some point one character even asks “When did you decide to become Indiana Jones?  proving that it knows exactly what it’s doing.

It may lack the charm, panache and confidence of those early fantastic Spielberg’s adventures, it is certainly better than any of the Tomb Raider films and it packs so much action that you’ll hardy stop question any shortcomings. Of course if you are a fan of the games, you’ll know it can do so much more

Holland has clearly biffed-up a lot for the role and it’s a pleasure to see him doing a lot of his stunts. Hopefully in future instalments a more skilful director might be able to make more of his innate charm and bring a little bit more depth to the character and the story.

As a fan of the games, I know this franchise can do so much more, but for the time being I was fine with it and enjoy this one thoroughly. 

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