Anima ⭐⭐⭐

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson. Cast: Gala MoodyDajana RoncioneThom Yorke

An interesting exercise by Paul Thomas Anderson, which barely can be passed as a “MovieADay” item (the exercise I’ve been undertaking since January the 1st 2020). A short film, or rather an extended music video, which plays to the music by Thom Yorke (frontman of the Radiohead) in a sort of surreal nightmarish dystopian setting (apparently it was filmed in Prague). Whether it’s meant to signify the dehumanisation of workers in modern times, or whether it’s about people sleepwalking in their daily lives or about two lost souls managing to find each other… I don’t know: I don’t understand it and actually I don’t really care much. It is undoubtedly a mesmerizing silent film and some of the imagery is indeed rather beautiful, but I have to say this feels a bit just like a big budget student film, just as pretentious. But hey, it’s only 15 minutes long and it’s an interesting watch, by one of the greatest American directors alive today.

On Netflix.

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