The Undoing

The Undoing (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Director: Susanne Bier. Cast: Nicole KidmanHugh GrantEdgar Ramírez, Donald Sutherland, Noah Jupe.

The undoing might not be the most original story ever told, but that’s counterbalanced by the very stylish and incredibly atmospheric way it’s presented. With a pre-pandemic New York serving as the beautiful background the series is also a showcase for some very very powerful performances.

Nicole Kidman, of course, who’s never been bad before shows that even with all her botox restricting her facial movements (she should really stop doing that!), she can still act her socks off.

Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award winning writer and director Susanne Bier, films everything very tight on the characters’ faces, a stylistic choice that seems to pay off here, since pretty much all the performances are just beautiful to watch.

Hugh Grant has completely abandoned his “romantic-comedy stuttering character” and has now fully embraced a much darker one and he plays it better than anything. And then of course Donald Sutherland who’s here to remind us all why he’s been in the business for as long as it has. There are a couple of scenes with him who will most probably earn him an Emmy at some point.

And then, the little Noah Jupe, who might be just a teenager, but his range of emotions, especially towards the last part of the series, is as powerful as any of his co-stars.

I’ve enjoyed watching this slick murder-mystery immensely. This kind of things is very reminiscent in terms of mood and style of those Scandinavian TV series which have changed he way TV is made, or at least this genre.Yes, the last of the 6 episode ends on a bit of a downer and it felt a little bit underwhelming and ultimately a bit disappointing (well… the last 20 minutes, not the whole thing), but the journey to get there was certainly worthwhile.

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