Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Director:Michael Matthews. Cast: Dylan O’BrienJessica HenwickMichael Rooker 

Ok, let me start by saying that I know perfectly well this film is stupid and it may be a bit derivative from hundreds of other films before, but I will also say that this is possibly the most fun I’ve had with any film this year so far. There’s some real (invisible) craft at work here and I’m not just talking about the special effects (which are very very good and for which it’s nominated for an Oscar), but even in its predictability it manages to be surprising by making the inevitable happening just a fraction of time before you might expect it, or going off on a slight tangent from what you might think before veering back towards the predictable.

The film knows exactly what it is and never takes itself too seriously right from the very catchy, charming and hilarious credit sequence which recaps the end of “the world as we know it” (what would usually be the first act of a movie like this) in a few minutes with childish drawing and a very humorous narration (talking about saving budget money!) in a sort of opening credits sequence.

Right from that start I was hooked and laughed. Dylan O’Brien, from the Maze Runner franchise is the likeable protagonist trying to be a hero and constantly failing in the most hilarious ways. He’s accompanied by a cute and wonderful dog and an array of equally likeable characters (including a robot).

Take it as it is, don’t expect “raiders” and you’ll have great time with it. It’s charming, scary, gross (you’ll be squirming on your sofa), extremely funny, very silly but without making you feel like an idiot for watching it and with just enough cheese to make it sweet but not vomit inducing.

Forget the pompous “Godzilla vs Kong” or any other blockbuster this side of 2021, this is the monster movie of the year… even for those who don’t like monster movies.

I didn’t expect to like to so much and neither will you

On Netflix.

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