The Emperor’s New Groove

The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

Director: Mark Dindal. Cast: David SpadeJohn GoodmanEartha KittPatrick Warburton

Crazy to think that this is now 20 years old! Its wacky humour and quick pace is just as fresh today as it must have been when it was first release in 2000. 

“The Emperor’s New Groove” may not be the most refined, original or life-affirming Disney feature, but it’s certainly one of the funniest, if not THE funniest (and yes, even more than Aladdin). The sheer amount of jokes and the speed at which they are literally thrown at the audience are both astonishing: breaking the fourth wall, the banter between the two protagonists (Lama-Kuzco is just hilarious!), the slapstick (“Why do we even have that lever?!”), the edge of your seat action… You just can’t help go along with it and after a while you actually realised that your jaws are beginning to hurt from all the smiling and laughing. 

I haven’t seen the second one, but even thought it was one of those “straight to video” affair, I’m now tempted to give it a go.

(Currently on Disney+).

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