The Midnight Sky

The Midnight Sky ⭐️⭐️

Director: George Clooney. Cast: George ClooneyFelicity JonesDavid Oyelowo, Caoilinn Springall

This apocalyptic story is probably not be quite the right kind of movie to watch at during this Xmas: yes, there’s a lot of snow in it, but it’s also very downbeat and actually utterly depressing (though some may argue it’s a fitting film for this end of 2020).

Having said that “Midnight Sky” is also one of the best looking films Clooney has ever directed, not just the wide vistas and space sequences, but also the use of special effects: one sequence towards the end involving a person bleeding in zero gravity is very effective and both beautiful and terrifying. Unfortunately neither its elegant visual, nor its ambition and not even its star power (not just Clooney but Felicity Jones and Kyle Chandler among the others) was quite enough to keep my interest going, especially during the first half.

I have to be honest I found the film frustratingly slow and I couldn’t quite engage with it, let alone be interested in any of it, which is a real shame because having finally got to the end and seen what the trajectory and the (rather touching) point of arrival was, I just wish the film could have made me care a lot more. Whether that’s a problem with the script of the direction… or both, I’m not sure, but certainly there’s a good film in there and a good story too, but the storytelling itself is very un-engaging and much too disperse.

The film does pick up in the second half (and then really lands it in the last 30 minutes) but by the time the first action sequence kicks in about half way through (and finally woke me up from complete numbness) my brain was already half checked-out.It didn’t help that fact that I felt I had already seen most of what was on the screen in other films before, from Gravity to Solaris, 2001, Interstellar, the Martian, Midnight, and so on. Clooney as the main actor does everything in his power to be as less “Clooney” as possible and he does a good job, but since most of the essential information that would make him likeable are held back as long as possible, it’s actually very hard to engage with him as a character, which makes me wonder “Are we supposed to like him, just because he’s George Clooney?

I really wish I could have like this one a lot more… but I’m sorry I was much too bored for most of it.

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