I Lost My Body

I LOST MY BODY (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Director Jérémy Clapin. Cast: Hakim FarisVictoire Du BoisPatrick d’Assumçao 

This is certainly one of the most beautiful, original, poetic animated feature film I’ve seen in quite a while (though certainly not one for kids) and it’s great to see it nominated at the 2020 Oscars (after winning the Critics’ Week in Cannes in 2019).
“I Lost My Body” is a touching French animated story (co-written by Clapin and Laurant, the writers of “Amélie”) which blends classical 2D technique with impressive 3D digital animation, resulting in a unique look which resemble something between a graphic novel and a Japanese anime. 

But beyond the great look and mood, the tale of a severed hand, a broken heart and the loss of childhood (hence the dismemberment and loss are both physical and emotional) manages to be both incredibly profound and unexpectedly horrific at the same time: some of the scenes were as tense and electrifying as any good thriller/horror out there and had me clutching my seat several times. But at the same time the film wears its heart on its sleeve and the emotional moments are incredibly sweet, poignant and really heart warming. 

Highly recommended, it’s now available on Netflix

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