Sorry To Bother You

Sorry to Bother You ⭐⭐⭐

Director: Boots Riley Cast: LaKeith StanfieldTessa ThompsonJermaine Fowler 

Sorry to bother you is a crazy, surreal satirical film that’s probably the equivalent of getting high on cocaine while being feverish, drinking spirits and talking with your friends about matters like racial stereotypes, corporate greed, people working on minimal wage (I say “probably” because actually I’ve never been “high” in my life… but I’m sure the makers of this did). 

It is a unique piece of work, a cross between a ‘Spike Lee joint’ (that’s how Spike himself calls his films) and a Zucker Abrahams Zucker comedy (the makers of Airplane, Top Secret! And Naked Gun), which has non-stop energy and crazy ideas coming out of every frame (some more successful than others but all of them on message!). Definitely not subtle, but it’s ambitious, as well as messy and bonkers. 

It is an undeniably original film, at times very funny too, however after a while you just wish you had a slightly more grounded story with characters you could root for. 

As it is, it’s a film that’s easier to be intrigued and amused by than actually to love.

The wacky cacophony of criticism and social commentary after a strong start begins to feel just a bit too much and loses some of its funny undertone as it becomes increasingly and unapologetically more and more preposterous, dismissing the actual storyline it has set up and consequently becoming a little bit exhausting. 

So in the end as an audience you’re left slightly bamboozled, watching it all from a distance as opposed to being involved with it. 

I admired it but I just wish it made me care a little bit more. 

On Netflix right now. 

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