Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate ⭐⭐ 1/2

Director: Tim Miller. Cast: David S. GoyerJustin RhodesBilly Ray 

I lost the count of how many attempts they’ve tried to make a sequel or a reboot after the first two iconic Terminator movies. This one seems to link straight to those two originals, disregarding completely what happened since, which is probably a good thing because not only all the others were pretty poor, but I don’t think anyone can actually remember what happened in them anyway. I must confess there is a certain pleasure in seeing Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger together again. The 30 years that have passed clearly show on Linda’s wrinkled face, but her strength and energy as an 64-years-old action hero is pretty much second to none.Mackenzie Davis here used as a sort of surrogate of Charlize Theron does a pretty decent job too .The film itself follows the usual formula of the terminator sent from the future to kill somebody and preventing that person to be instrumental for the human kind… or something like that. To be honest, who cares? The moment the film stops and starts explaining things it becomes rather dull and unimaginative, but luckily most of the rest is one action scene after another and even though there is very little as mind blowing as what we’ve seen before in Judgment day, it’s entertaining enough in a disposable sort of way, to fill a couple of hours. Just about…

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