This is a reimagined take of the classic tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. There’s a completely new framing device, set in modern day (a city which seen from the above looks like a microchip from a computer), which I guess is needed for today’s audience so far away from the the sensibility of the 1940s when the original book was written. In contrast it is intercut with dreamy warm segments straight from the original book, beautifully rendered in 2D stop motion.
The central message that all grown-ups were once children, but few of them still remember it, is still at the core of the story. It is lovingly done and very respectful of the original, but despite some beautiful imagery, especially during the little Prince’s tales, the film is a little bit too opaque to be really loved by children, and it’s probably slightly too laboured, self conscious and artificial for adults.
Those who love the original book might be disappointed and enchanted in equal measure aware that this is one of those stories that is next to impossible to be reproduced on a screen.

THE LITTLE PRINCE is available on Netflix

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