revisiting “RATATOUILLE” 5 out of 5

I’ve been doing this little exercise on Facebook called  #AMovieADay, which is turning out to be a way to re-discover some gems and especially watching some of them with my son, it’s an excuse to pretend to be a child again and treat myself with a animated film like this.
Ratatouille is up there among the most enjoyable Pixar animated features.
The colours and the rendering of the food alone makes it a five star film, if on the top of that you add the infectious music by Giacchino, the sheer inventiveness of the story of a rat controlling a human by his hair, the splendid creation of the character of the food critic who lives in a room shaped as a coffin, that “inspired” moment with the ratatouille itself (with that priceless “jaws-counter-zooms effect), that masterful first scene in the restaurant kitchen, choreographed like the an action best, the chase sequence in the streets of Paris, the revelation of the city itself from the rooftops, the health inspector… and I could go on and on.
This is one of the richest, warmest, most colourful animated film of the last few decades. It may not have the ambitions of future Pixar movies like Inside Out, Coco, or even Wally, but it’s certainly one of the most delightful and enjoyable.
One finally bit of advise, you really don’t need a child as a excuse to rewatch (or even watch for the first time) a film like this: just do it. You’ll feel better.

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