Freddy vs Jason

Freddy vs Jason ⭐️⭐️


Director: Ronny Yu. Cast: Robert EnglundKen KirzingerMonica Keena, Jason Ritter, Kelly Rowland, Chris Marquette.

I’ve seen many stupid films in my life, but this one must get the crown. To be honest with a title like “Freddy vs Jason” one can’t really expect Shakespeare. It turns out that this is an average Friday the 13th film and a pretty bad “Nightmare on Elm Street” mashed together with a half coherent plot serving as an excuse for the ultimate battle at the end. Needless to say, all the bits with the teen-agers are just expandable as the victims who get knocked off one after the other and the film only comes alive when the two ultra-villains are on screen and especially when they finally come face to face. The final battle is so over-the-top and so stupid that one cannot do anything else but cheer.

This was obviously a film designed for the fans and them alone. The moment during the main titles where the “Nightmare on Elm street” tune turns into the “Friday the 13th” iconic notes is actually a wet dream for any horror fan out there.

It came at a moment when both franchises were at such a low point (in fact pretty much dead) that not even this bad film couldn’t make them any worse, so I guess they had nothing to lose. In fact the film was quite a hit, though I don’t think I know many people who can claim it’s good. And the film-makers certainly knew this, so in order to compensate with the ludicrous storyline, they decided to really go to town with the gore, the idiotic one-liners, the gratuitous breast-naked girls running scared and a few cheap but effective jump scares.

There isn’t a single original idea in it, but it just about gets away with it.In fact there’s a certain silly pleasure in watching this, cheering and drinking every time a cliché hits the screen but it’s all done with great affection for both icons (though clearly Freddy is a more fun character to play with and the film is more of a Freddy film than a Jason one) and it never takes itself too seriously.

This was my first watching and even though I’m sure it’ll be my last, I’m happy I saw it, just as a curiosity guilty pleasure thing.

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