The X-Files (S1.Ep18) – “Miracle Man”

The X-Files Season 1 – Episode 18 – “Miracle Man”

Director: Michael Lange Writers: Chris CarterHoward GordonChris Carter Cast: David DuchovnyGillian AndersonR.D. Call

Miracle man is one of those middling well-crafted episode which doesn’t advance the main story in any way, but it adds some emotional context to Mulder’s personal history and specifically about the overarching search for the truth regarding his sister’s abduction. Some good acting along the way, especially from the “miracle man” from the title (or rather miracle kid) and a nice little twist at the end regarding the identity of the murderer is rather unexpected. ). Other than that this feels more like a standard twilight zone episodes with a murder mystery twist mixed into it.

A clear example of the X-Files creator still not quite realising what they had on their hands and wasting a perfectly good opportunity. The religion-themed plot would be used to much greater effect in the later season focussing more on Scully battling her skepticism versus her faith. Oh… and by the way, this is where Scully reveals that one of her favourite movies is the Exorcist. haha… Another reason to like her more. 😉

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