The X-Files (S1.Ep16) – “Young at Heart”

The X-Files – Season 1 – Episode 16 – “Young at Heart” ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Director: Michael Lange Writers: Chris CarterScott KauferChris Carter. Cast: David DuchovnyGillian AndersonDick Anthony Williams 

Another strong episode enhanced by a really strong cast (especially the guy who play the older Barnett, creepy as hell) and eerie atmosphere throughout, though probably slightly spoiled by the title itself which basically is a giveaway to what is going on and solving the mystery. There are few good moments (like when Scully gets shot) and the scenes between Barnett and Mulder on the phone which are possibly the highlights of the episodes. But once again the final coda feels a bit rushed and the usual open-end (which in this season are beginning to feel a bit tired) is a little bit disappointing considering the big build-up.

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