Cowboys (2020) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Writer and Director: Anna Kerrigan Cast: Steve ZahnJillian BellSasha Knight, Ann Dowd.

I don’t really understand why this film has such low score on imdb, I honestly loved it. It tells the story of a tender father-son relationship set against the beautiful landscape of Montana. But there’s a lot more than that. A the core of it is a broken family who now are separated. A mother who craves for her child to be the perfect daughter who plays with dolls, who wears beautiful dresses and has long blond hair completely unable to understand or rather accept the fact the the daughter she dreams to having, actually doesn’t want to be a girl at all and in fact she believes she was born in the wrong body and dreams of being a cowboy. She first confesses that to her dad, a troubled, goofy, impulsive but well-intentioned man, beautifully played by Steve Zahn. He’s a simple man, but he understands his child’s predicament accepts it peacefully. The son (that’s what he likes to be called) gets more and more attached to him until the decided to run away from home, across the country and head all the way to Canada. As the police get involved in the search for the two, you’re beginning to have a nasty feeling that things are not going to go well.

A very touching and emotional modern western which is actually a more uplifting film that one might fear.

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