The X-Files (S1.Ep7) – “Ghost in the Machine”

Season 1 – Episode 7 – Ghost in the Machine ⭐️⭐️

Not even the fleeting appearance of Deep Throat can lift the level of excitement of this rather uninspired and lazy episode which not only is pretty unoriginal (an AI computer killing humans… we haven’t seen that before… ) but actually it has very little to do with the paranormal. Mulder takes centre stage here (so to speak) while Scully does pretty much nothing throughout. It’s not really boring but it’s so predictable and devoid of any surprise that it feels like like like a bit of a letdown. There are some interesting ideas here, but it’s all played by numbers. It also feels like it’s been written by somebody who doesn’t really know much about computers and the flimsy ending clearly shows that. One to forget and possibly the worst episode so far.

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