The X-Files (S1. Ep4) “Conduit”

The X-Files (Season 1 – Episode 4 ) “Conduit” ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Director: Daniel Sackheim Writers:  Chris CarterAlex GansaHoward Gordon Cast: David DuchovnyGillian AndersonCarrie Snodgress

The episode is the first piece of a puzzle of one of the most vital subplot of the entire series: what happened to Mulder’s younger sister, Samantha, her possible abduction by aliens hence what drove him to start chasing little green men (or “gray” as he’s quick to point out). It’s clearly draws from films like Poltergeist as one little boy seems to be getting information from “somewhere else” though his TV set. I guess at this stage in the game the X-Files was really trying to find its own voice ripping off from already established movies and stories. Little did we know that in a few years the series will become the benchmark any alien abduction, creepy stories and the perfectly leads fir any series. This one is a rather average episode with a couple of good ideas but essential information for the rest of the series. Also it has a great final line which is as classic as they get on the X-Files: “I want to believe” (which will also become the title of the second feature film from 2008).

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