Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Directors: Andrew StantonLee Unkrich. Cast: Albert BrooksEllen DeGeneresAlexander Gould 

Back in 2003 hardly any animated movie looked as good as Finding Nemo. Fast forward 18 years, this is not only one of those timeless favourite among families, but it’s also still as lush and vibrant as it was. From a story point of view, after starting with a real bang, an unexpected and moving sequence (quite a shock for young kids out there… and probably something of a trademark in the Pixar Universe) the film then moves to introduce its audience to the beautiful world under the sea: the colourful seascapes and the fish, the meticulous details (almost too many to be contained inside a screen, so much so that it becomes almost slightly chaotic), the incredible underwater lighting are all a marvel to watch and they still have the power to impress.

The middle section of the film is probably the weakest (though I am aware that criticising this film feels a bit of a blasphemy), as we move through a series of rather episodic sequences, some more successful than others and most of which rather redundant (Let’s be honest, the shark meeting for example is not as funny as it thinks it is and the bit with the monster in black depths comes and go without many consequences). However once “dad Marvin” gets to Sidney in his search for Nemo and the action kicks in, the film opens up to an exciting third act, with edge-of-your-seat thrills, chases, humour and twists aplenty.

Overall this is an enchanting film, full of lovely characters (probably a bit too many which does harm a little bit their characterisations), beautifully saturated visuals, and lots of heart in true Disney fashion. Though, as you might have gathered, this is not one of my Pixar (or Disney) favourites, it’s hard to dislike it and even harder to criticise it, mainly because it does so many things right. In years to come kids will still be watching Finding Nemo (probably even more than those who go back and watch Snow White) and they will still fall in love with it… and rightly so!

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