I care a lot

I care a lot ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Director: J Blakeson, Cast: Rosamund PikePeter DinklageEiza González, Dianne Wiest.

Bit of a conundrum here: is it possible to like a film where every single character is so despicable that it impossible to root for any of them? A film that uses the most evil cynicism to advance it black comedy and score a few laughs? A film which is morally deplorable in its depiction of exploiting the weak as the key to capitalism?Well apparently it is possible, because despite me wondering throughout “how can I possibly watch more of this bitch doing these awful things?”, I was absolutely glued to the screen without a single clue on how the whole things was going to pan out. There’s no denying that the film is nasty, some people may even have a problem with its bad taste (and they’re probably right), but at the same time it is constantly inventive, always surprising and infinitely addictive.

“I care a lot” proclaims at its start that “there’s no such thing as good people” and while I hope that’s not true, the film goes all the way to prove its. It exposes and makes fun of the corruption behind the healthcare system, the care for elderly and the loopholes within the legal systems. Let’s all just hope that the world depicted is a fictitious one… Let’s pretend this is a science fiction movie and take it as a joke.

Rosamund Pike plays a relentlessly ruthless, cruel, heartless, a calculative bitch, a cold predator who, in cahoots with doctors, retirement-home bosses, and lawyers, works the system to become the appointed legal guardian for rich elderly people so that she can then drain their bank accounts and their assets. She’s one of the most deplorable main character I’ve seen in a long time without any single redeeming quality and yet you can hardly take your eyes off her. She brings with her a delicious nastiness, which is hateful to start with and then it becomes fascinating to watch and almost hypnotic.

She’s won the Golden Globe for best comedy for this film and she deserves it 100%. As for the film itself, I thought it was incredibly “entertaining” and painful at the same time. It has divided critics and audiences right in the middle and for once I’m more with the critics.

I watched it on Amazon Prime, but apparently in some countries is on Netflix.

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