The Little Things

The Little Things ⭐️⭐️⭐

Director:  John Lee Hancock. Cast: Denzel WashingtonRami MalekJared Leto

This wanna-be-Se7en is a throwback to 90s crime films which to be honest adds very little to the genre. There is not a lot here that we haven’t seen before: two cops from different districts getting together to solve a crime, the serial killer playing cat-and-mouse with the police, the seedy dirty room where the victim has been slashed (plus the added gruesome details), the flashlights in the nights, the stakeouts… and I could go and on. In fact, I was so dazed and numbed by the familiarity of all that I found the first half of this film pretty unbearable. Even Denzel Washington looked a bit bored throughout (though arguably that was probably what his character required… who knows? I couldn’t tell). However once the Jared Leto finally came in, things did get slightly more interesting (yet still pretty unoriginal), enough at least to get me through the rest of the film. In fact the second half is a lot more tense and actually I won’t deny that at some point I even found myself midly entertained whether that’s enough to recommend the film, it really depends on your mood. Tonight I feel particularly forgiving… ask me tomorrow and I might tell you to give it a miss.

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