Dear Ex

Dear Ex ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Directors: Chih-Yen HsuMag Hsu. Cast: Roy ChiuYing-Hsuan HsiehSpark Chen 

A lovely unexpected surprise from Taiwan.

What starts off as a wacky comedy (and a rather entertaining one too) slowly turns into an affecting, heart-warming and a rather moving drama about acceptance, forgiveness and grieving.

Stylistically the film is all over the place (flashbacks, graphics, kitsch comedy) but even if some moments stretch believability and are a little heavy-handed, dipping a bit into soapy/melodrama territory here and there, by the time the third act comes along all the emotional notes hit the right chords and you just can’t help being taken by it.

The film is a joyous one, full of little moments and details both funny and poignant which will definitely stay with me for much longer than most of the films I’ve been watching over the last few months.

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