Father Soldier Son

Father Soldier Son ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Director: Leslye DavisCatrin Einhorn. Cast: Brian EischIsaac EischJoey Eisch 

I must confess that the title didn’t inspire me particularly but I am so happy I went beyond those simple three words.

As I started watching this documentary I had no idea what an emotional journey this was going to be. It brought tears in my eyes a few times (A very unexpected turn of events about half way through actually reduced me to a real wreck) but by the end of it I was able to find a little bit of redemption and comfort too, something I never thought would be possible while watching it.

This is a miracle of film, one of those documentaries that only happen once in a decade, and that’s exactly how long it took to make.

It is beautifully filmed and masterly edited (really!!), subtly observed and constructed with great empathy but at the same time without ever forcing any point of view. You might look at the patriarch of this family and think “this is a true American hero”, but you also might look at it and think “what an selfish asshole”.

It is an intimate portrait of a family, a stunning study of American masculinity, the need for purpose and place in life and a lot more.

It will frustrate you, annoy you, made you think, (inspire you?), move you like feel thing will.

I was astounded by it and deeply touched. Together with the Mole Agent (which is a lot more uplifting) this is my favourite film of the 2020.

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