The Father (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Director: Florian Zeller. Cast: Olivia ColmanAnthony HopkinsMark Gatiss 

I’m a blubbering wreck after watching this. Writer Director Florian Zeller puts the audience in the shoes of Anthony Hopkins who’s suffering from dementia. He’s an independent man and he refuses to be assisted by anyone. But slowly he begins to doubt the world around him and so are we at the same time. Characters change, people appear and disappear in his flat, in fact even his furniture seem to change. Wasn’t there a painting there? Is this even his flat? And who is this man walking around the house? The daughter’s husband? Wasn’t she divorced? As reality keeps changing, the film is intentionally fragmented and confused just like the mind of the 80 years old man.

It is a painful watch and not just for anyone who’s had any experience of a dear person suffering from dementia. A devastating portrait made even more powerful by one of Hopkins’ best performances in years. If there is any justice left in this world, he’s certainly going to get another nomination for this and possibly he might even win it (Having said that, Olivia Colman is wonderful too).I’m not even sure whether I should recommend anyone to watch this and I don’t think I will ever again, mainly because it’ll stay with me forever just after this one watch, but as a study of old age and a heartfelt look at dementia, this is an beautiful piece of work.

The release of this film has currently been pushed to next January, in case you felt strong enough to give it a go.

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