If Anything Happens I Love You

If Anything Happens I Love You ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Writers & Directors: Michael GovierWill McCormack

I’m cheating a bit here: this is not quite a “movie” and yet this animated short packs more in its 12 minutes than at least 90% of the other films I’ve seen this year.

The strength of this is in its simplicity: not a line of dialogue, simple beautiful drawings and yet perfectly expressive, with stark black and white with just a few glimpses of colours.

This is heartbreaking and almost unbearable for any parent to watch (and not just for them). I was already tearing up within the first few minutes and by the end I was pretty much a wreck… In fact I’m still a bit shaken right now, a good half hour after watching it. A work of beauty, that somehow manages to feel emotional and more real (hence more impactful) than many films on the subject. Co-written and co-directed by the writer of Toy Story 4, Will McCormack and a little-known actor Michael Govier, this will certainly be heading to the Oscars, especially given its anti-gun message and I seriously hope it wins too.

On #Netflix right now (though try not to read anything about it, not even the synopsis on the Netflix page)

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