Dick Johnson is Dead

Dick Johnson Is Dead (*****)

Director: Kirsten Johnson. Cast: Michael HilowAna HoffmanDick Johnson 

To find something so fresh, so original, so different after the 279 films I’ve watched in a row since the 1st of January is an achievement in itself.

This is one of those that’s going to stick with me for a quite a while, not just for the kind of affecting subject it touches (mortality and family), but also because because it’s the kind of film I would probably make (if I ever had the chance…), hence it’s not perfect, but it’s deeply personal and heartfelt like very few things I’ve seen this year. Yes, you may argue that it meanders a bit and at times it’s a slightly repetitive, but please, do stick to it till the end because eventually it will hit you like a sharp pin, it will melt your heart and squeeze all the tears you may have inside. But don’t be scared, this is anything but depressing. The film may all be about growing old, loosing a father and mortality in general (incredibly, it’s also about “dementia”… This is the fourth film about this subject in just a few days), but it’s done with the lightest of touch, exuberance, humour and it’s so full of optimism, life and warm feelings that it’s hard to fault it. poetic.Yes it is also very moving and it did break me a few times, but this is ultimately a joyful, very funny and jubilant experience which should remind us all to enjoy our loved ones while they’re still with us and cherish every single moment with them (and possibly save those moments on a video too… well at least that part I certainly do).This is such a unique piece of work, which I will cherish forever.

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